Gishi Ryu Karate

Gishi-Ryu Karate is a principle-based system focused on effective study through mindful training, and mastering ‘tricks’ to make your karate effective.  It is a pragmatic, empty-hand system that emphasises development of skills to successfully handle increasing levels of conflict.

Founded by Sensei Mick, the system builds upon his core art of Seito Matsumura Ryu (a Shorin Ryu Karate system), his cross training  over several decades, and uses the Training Perfectly methodology he developed.

Ryu"流" translates to "flow" or "way".  Gishi "技師" translates to "engineer", the individual kanji (Japanese characters) translates to as Shi "師" = master, Waza "技" = technique, or skill, or knack.  Together they acknowledge the style's focus on mastering key skills, and are also a nod to Sensei Mick's professional career.

"From All, Learn One. From One, Master All" is our motto; it emphasizes that by training in principles and fundamentals you will discover your strengths and capabilities. Through learning yourself, you can master any martial arts technique and application.

Classes are designed for the student who wants to train their mind as well as their body.  Classes are small to allow more individual, personal development.  Topics are covered in an intelligent way:

... all at the student's own pace.

Engineer's Way