Sensei Mick's Autobiography

The most relevant (and better) details are here.

I grew up in Finglas West, a suburb of Dublin City in the Republic of Ireland. I started martial arts when I was eight years old thinking it was something cool I should try.  While I still think it's cool, my current reason for study is to develop my own philosophy of effective training and practical martial arts.

I began my martial studies in World TaekwonDo Federation (Olympic-style) Taekwon-Do in 1989. After seven years I earned an internationally recognised Kukkiwon Black Belt (1st Dan), and served as an Assistant Instructor for a number of Dojangs [... more at My TKD Years].

I joined the Dublin City University Martial Arts Club (DCUMAC), a unique "All-Style" club in 1998.  I trained with numerous artists with different martial art backgrounds.  I served as a Resident Instructor, was elected to various Club Committee roles including Club Chairperson, and was awarded the Club's Black Rank in recognition of my martial art abilities and skill as an instructor [... more at My DCUMAC Years].

In 1999 I found a style-home in the Seikawa Dojo, a club that has gave my opportunities I never thought possible: becoming a European Kata Champion (2000, Senior Male Brown Belt); earning a black belt in a other martial art; becoming an adept practical martial arts instructor; and training with Master instructors across the globe.  I earned a Nidan (2nd degree) black belt in Seito Matsumura Ryu (SMR) shortly before emigrating [... more at My Seito Years].

It took me a while after immigrating to the US in '04, but I eventually found a world-class club and instruction at Renaissance Martial Arts.  There I studied Wan Yi Chaun Kung Fu and learned a completely different side to martial arts.  While my time was brief, it shaped who I am today in equal measure to my other experiences [... more at My RMA Year].

In 2005, I started a club teaching my own outlook on martial arts, developing what is now known as Lifestyle Martial Arts.  This work contributed to my earning of my 3rd Degree in SMR, build Training Perfectly, and improve as a martial artist [... more at My LMA Years].

Eventually I came to realize that the martial art I practice and teach was distinctive enough to deserve it's own name.  [... more at My Gishi Ryu Years].

It's now been many years since I first started, I continue to find new delights and challenges to keep me going on this journey.

My Winding Path