Our Motto & Philosphy

"From All, Learn One; From One, Master All."

The motto is used to emphasise some of the core ideas our system:

The motto is a play on Virgil’s Ab uno disce omnes (Latin: From one, learn all) from The Aeneid.  This maxim applies to situations in which a single observation can be taken as universally applicable.  This would often be an over-generalisation in martial arts.  Though one person may be able to use a given technique in a given situation, not all individuals can or should use the same technique.  Nor can one technique work in all situations.

Universal principles on dealing with conflict exist in all martial arts.  Effective skills will embody these principles.  How an individual decides to apply their skills will be unique to them.  These applications should be developed drawing upon the collective experience of all artists they train with and learn from.

A guide to conduct