Why train with us?

All sorts of people try martial arts for different reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

Here's the best way to find out if a club (ours or any other) is right for you:

The only way you'll know what a martial art is all about is to experience it.  It is highly recommended that parents accompany their children under the age of 18 to determine if club has the right program for them.  

Parental/guardian consent will be required before students under 18 can train with us.

The type of people who do what we do

I've always wanted to try that

Why not start now?  There's no time like the present.  Don't let others fool you into thinking martial arts is not for the mature person.  Our system is a great place to start learning as its tailored more for the mature student.

"But there'll be people with more experience!" Don't let that worry you.  New members join all the time and others with more experience will be happy to share and help you along.  You will start off at an easy pace with the basic techniques.  Before long, you'll be getting fit, gaining confidence, and will learn how to handle yourself during a potential conflict.  Everyone's anxious the first time they train, but if you get yourself to a class we'll take care of the rest.

I did it when I was a kid

Ready to try it for real?  There is just no getting around it, the martial art you did in your single-digit years is not the same.  Ours is a system for adults, and a system that will last you a lifetime ... not like the system you grew out of.  Because we're all adults, the atmosphere is a less formal and a lot more open and respectful.

Give yourself a second chance; your tastes have changed and our system is a different way of doing martial arts.  Even those of us who never took a break enjoy this system all that more.  Come give us a try or you'll never know if quitting before was a good decision.

I need to get into shape

Regular work-out boring?  Keeping in shape is all about finding an activity that you enjoy doing regularly.  Many people have joined martial arts just to avoid the tedium of a regular aerobics class.

Each class begins with our Fighting Fitness routine.  Due to the physical nature of martial training: you are always active.  You get to practice and interact with others.  You are required to be creative and mentally engage. In short, it's just more fun.  That means you'll keep coming back and over time your fitness will improve.  You'll also learn something no aerobics class can give you.

I don't know what to do if attacked

Safety conscientious?  There is martial arts training and there is self-defense training.  These are not necessarily one and the same thing.  While some arts are arguably more practical than others, no-one will argue against the fact that training in martial arts gives you a tactical advantage.  The discipline, mind-set and confidence that come from martial arts are vital in a street situation.

Our system offers practical and smart training in personal protection skills and martial tactics.  Our training will improve your awareness of potentially dangerous situations, and give you a realistic sense of your capabilities.

I've been doing martial arts but need something new

Already know something?  A key part of our philosophy is that we all have something to learn from each other.  This is even more apparent when we work with people who have trained in other systems.  

Our system provides a unique opportunity to complement your other training.  It teaches martial principles and tactics that are common to all arts.   It challenges our students to master their own personal styleBy  comparing and contrasting systems, you get a chance to evolve your own style.  If you are interested in adding to what you know, rather than starting over, this is the place for you.