LMA is a martial training programme that has been tailored for the mature or serious student.  Sensei Mick does not teach “kids” classes, nor does he focus on the sports-side of martial arts (although there are LMA students that do).  This programme focuses on topics that are impractical for those who do not want to actively pursue them:

Teens are welcome, but must be initially accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Classes are geared to be in line with the LMA Philosophy and are a great way of seeing what martial arts training has to offer for your personal development.  They have an all-style training slant but grading in an Okinawan Karate System is available.

Monday & Thursday Nights

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Lunch Times

Based on demand,  Sensei Mick also offers self-defence seminars designed for those who do not have the time to train in regular classes.

Club fees are on a monthly basis. New Students are always welcome and can start at any time. Contact Sensei Mick if you have any questions.

Training for mature students